Rereloluwa Adeolu
1 min readMay 9, 2022


Don't be scared of Responsibilities

Many at times, most of us (myself includsive) living with spina bifida and other disabilities don’t like being responsible. We allow our disability shield us from being responsible. We like people doing our laundries for us, doing our assignments and projects for us etc. What we don’t know is:

1 We make people disrespect us when we run away from doing the things we ought to do. Which will in turn lead to people to take advantage of us

2 It makes us more lazy

3 it makes our body weak

4 People will see us as hopeless people that can't do things for themselves and they will start running away from us.

It is important that we become responsible for these reasons:

1 It will make us confident

2 It makes people respect us

3 It makes our body strong💪

To sum this up, here’s an insightful quote i got from google

Happy new week, don’t have a good week, have a GREAT week



Rereloluwa Adeolu

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