My Experience ( Living With Spina bifida)II

Rereloluwa Adeolu
2 min readJun 30, 2022

The school accepted and took good care of me, they never discriminated against me. There were times when I messed myself up as a kid and they took me and cleaned me up and clothed me in a new uniform and it was never added to my school fees.
A time came when my mom felt her salary wasn't enough to pay my school fees and that of my older siblings. So, she went to the proprietor of my school who is chief Kaoli Olusanya to thank him for his good deeds and to tell him of her intentions to withdraw me from his school because she couldn't keep up with the paying of our school fees due to the increment of the school fees every term and coupled with the fact that he was doing alot to make me feel comfortable by clothing me in new uniform whenever I messed myself up and he was also making learning conducive for me.
But he told my mom not to worry that he would take care of everything that concerns my studies and he did.

Chief Kaoli Olusanya gave me scholarship that covered my education from primary to secondary school. The journey through school was challenging, I had low self esteem and I also had problem with mathematics and other related subject. I had lovely teachers and classmates in all the classes who were always willing to carry me along in everything that went on in class.
I graduated on July fourteen twenty seventeen, and in that same year I gained admission into the university ( National Open University of Nigeria) to study mass communication which is the course of my choice.
In that same year, I discovered the reasons behind my bladder and bowel incontinence and the catheter and bowel wash was introduced to me.

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Rereloluwa Adeolu

I'm friendly and beautiful. I try to live a meaningful life with my disability